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  • Village Grocer Calendar for 2013!

    October 23 2012 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    For those of you who wish to be up-to-date, we have been working on a Village Grocer Calendar for 2013. The Markham Group of Artists have been kind enough to provide some painting of scenes and aspects of our store, we’ve photographed them and we’ve ‘personalized the calendar portion so you ‘ll get friendly reminders

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  • It’s All Star Week at the Village Grocer

    October 19 2012 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    A little update for today! I am excited about a few things; firstly, we have a really nice display of beautiful Organic Royal Gala Apples in the produce section today for ½ price, and that deal will continue till they’re gone. Secondly, I just met with one of my old-time market buddies who will be

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  • Upcoming events at the Village Grocer!

    October 15 2012 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Hi folks! Thanksgiving is over, and now Halloween is right around the corner! And who loves Halloween more than children? That’s why we have some Halloween themed events planned for the young’ins that are sure to thrill! This Saturday, October 20th, we have a Scarylicious Hands-On Halloween party! This event is for children aged 6-12,

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  • An important note about our beef

    October 04 2012 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    We’re getting a lot of calls about the origin of our beef, so…., just so you know, it comes from a couple Toronto Abattoirs with the exception of flank steaks, which come from Western Canada, and none from that recall at all. –  Evan

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  • Delicious desserts for Thanksgiving!

    October 01 2012 in Post Categories: News

    THANKSGIVING DESSERT ITEMS AVAILABLE FROM OUR BAKERY: The following items are available for orders for Thanksgiving from our amazing bakery: PUMPKIN PIES – our wonderful pumpkin pie that we have been making since the beginning of Village Grocer All of our fruit pies; APPLE, BLUEBERRY, CHERRY, PEACH, STRAWBERRY – RHUBARB and RASPBERRY CHEESECAKES; ————————- CRANBERRY

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  • At The Table – Inspired Fall Settings

    September 29 2012 in Post Categories: News

    Greetings everyone. On Thursday, the Queen Bee’s in the Village Cooking Studio held another fabulous event to help get us ready for the fall! Karen and Linda transformed the cooking studio upstairs to reflect the beauty of the fall. The studio looked extravagant decorated with oranges, reds, browns and yellows and would inspire anybody to

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  • Good morning from the produce market!

    September 20 2012 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Good morning folks! I’m here at the produce terminal and it’s 3:00am. This week we will be having a sale on late California Raspberries, and my berry guy suggests that I mix some fresh Blueberries in the sale as well! Same good deal for both types of berries! So look out for those in the

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  • Apples Galore!

    September 10 2012 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Today at the produce market we were able to get the first of the season local Honey-Crisp Apples……..always a thrill! The thrill for Thursday will be the first MacIntosh Apples, also local, but sadly this year in very short supply due to the cruel twist in the early-spring weather. At this moment I’m busy writing

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