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Welcome to the Village Grocer!

The Village Grocer is a local family business that has flourished for many years within the Unionville community founded and developed by Evan MacDonald and wife Cathy in 1986, it started off as a butcher shop and relocated to a new and beautiful location on 16th avenue just west of Kennedy road.

The Village Grocer truly is a one-of-a-kind local business, creating countless homemade items that all stem from Doreen, mother of Cathy, Carol and Mike (who you see making sausages behind the meat counter).

Doreen’s recipes are all made the old-fashioned, low and slow, delicious way! From stocks and gravy to main dishes and of course dessert! Families are welcomed with opened arms and accommodated at every turn. There is always something new and exciting to try, with specialties made fresh everyday in the traditional hands on way.

The meat department is central to the business and the “quality first” motto ensures that you will take home only top grade marbled beef, homemade sausage in all imaginable flavors, dry cured bacon, old fashioned award-winning maple sugar hams, fresh free-range turkey for holiday feasts and the freshest fish on the market.

Village Grocer’s bakery has become legendary with desserts that are out-of- this-world delicious from the now-famous jelly roll to hand painted cookies, rich chocolate ganache creations, creamy cheesecakes and kid friendly banana bread which many locals have grown up on.

There is also our café, serving delicious roasted coffee and unique specialty sandwiches and wraps made fresh every day.

Our deli has all the take home meal items you could ask for, as well as a top-notch pizza department.

The produce is second to none, as is the striking floral department!

Did you know that cooking classes, floral seminars, dinner and birthday parties, catered business meetings or even a simple gathering between family and friends in our fully-equipped “upper level cooking studio” is something we offer as part of our services. Make sure to head upstairs next time you are in and take a look!

There is a lot happening here at the Village Grocer day-to-day, so drop by and become part of the family!

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