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Since opening, the Village Grocer has been involved in creating the most delicious platters, full course dinners as well as scrumptious desserts for your special events. We are dedicated to making each and every event a special event, from the most intimate, personal gatherings to larger affairs. We are happy to accommodate your needs as best we can, keeping in mind that food quality, and customer satisfaction are our first priorities.

Thanksgiving Menu and Pricing!

A La Cart Thanksgiving Menu – $32.99 Per Person/min 4 people

Meal includes:

Soup of the Day, Turkey (mix of white and dark), mashed potatoes, gravy, our own sage and onion stuffing, mixed vegetables, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and your choice of a 9 inch pumpkin or apple pie.

Thanksgiving Menu By Item

Meats & Mains:

Turkey Breast: $13.99/lb

Stuffed Turkey Leg: $9.99/lb

Cooked Turkey (carved): $9.99/lb

Maple Sugar Ham: $9.99/lb


Mashed Potatoes: $4.00/serving

Sweet Potatoes: $4.00/serving

Mixed Vegetables: $5.00/serving

Steamed Rice with Vegetables: $3.00/serving

Asparagus: $5.00/serving

French Beans: $5.00/serving

Roasted Root Vegetables: $5.00/serving

Roasted Potatoes: $4.00/serving

Gravy, Sauces and Stuffing:

Our Sage and Onion Stuffing: $2.00/serving

Turkey Gravy: $12.00/litre

Doreen’s Cranberry Sauce: $7.99/serving

Doreen’s Mustard Sauce: $4.99/250 ml


For more information and to request catering, please give us a call at (905) 940-0655.


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