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A Little Slice of Evan

  • Covid- 19 Guidance and Health Policies

    May 11 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    The Village Grocer follows guidance and health policies from the Government of Canada, Ontario Provincial Government, York Region and the City of Markham. Please note the following policies prior to entering the store. We will be limiting the number of customers in the store at any given time. We also only allow one shopper per

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  • Mother’s Day Must-Haves

    May 03 2021 in Post Categories: UncategorisedA Little Slice of Evan

    Big family gatherings might not be on the table this year to celebrate Mom, but we never want to let an opportunity go by without making her feel special. Karen and Linda have curated a few different looks that Mom will be sure to love.  Let’s take a look…. SWEET FLORAL MELODY Time to Spoil

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  • 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards

    April 26 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for voting for The Village Grocer as #1 in 8 (wow!) categories for the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards including: Best Bakery Best Butcher/Meat Shop Best Cakes/Cupcakes Best Dessert Best Fresh Produce Best Independent Grocery Store Best Grocery Store Best Specialty

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  • Grana Padano vs. Parmigiano

    April 15 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    Grana Padano is not too different from Parmigiano, actually they are made in basically the same way with the cows milked twice a day, in the morning and at night. In Parmigiano production, the evening milk is skimmed and then mixed with the morning’s milk, while with Grana Padano, it’s skimmed twice, so it has

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  • Covid-19 Update

    March 30 2021 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Updated: April 3rd 2021 Thomas here…Though I was tasked with writing a little Easter greeting, this is going to read as more of a Thanksgiving message… The two days that we were closed had me as beat down and defeated as I’ve ever felt. Being all alone in front of the store for two days

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  • What’s Happening For Easter!

    March 16 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    Let us help you create a fabulous, stress-free feasting with flare this Easter. We have all the ingredients to help you with your Easter festivities from the main course all the way down to the table linens. One stop entertaining for those who would rather be spending time with family, then preparing. Our deli department

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  • St.Patrick’s Day!

    March 14 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    St Patrick’s Day marks the feast day and anniversary of the death of a Christian missionary known as Patrick. He was born in the year 387, probably somewhere near the present day border between Scotland and England. At the age of 16, he was captured and taken to Ireland as a slave. During this period,

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  • Pi(e) Day

    March 07 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π and is observed on March 14th. We are celebrating here at The Village Grocer with a huge sale on our assorted fruit pies! Drop by on Sunday March 14th as we will be blowing out all of our fruit pies at 1/3 off! You

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  • Next In Line Winter Weather Program!

    March 01 2021 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Village Grocer “NEXT-IN-LINE” Cold Weather Program WITH WINTER WEATHER NOW UPON US, WE ARE PLEASED TO INTRODUCE OUR NEW VILLAGE GROCER “NEXT-IN-LINE” COLD WEATHER PROGRAM. 1) Park your car and then register in person at the “Next-In-Line Register Here” sign near the store entrance. 2) Register by providing your name & phone number at the

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