Posted: January 11 2013 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

Congratulations and good wishes for a good year ahead!


January 8th marked the beginning of our 28th year of business. Being in business, and a very public business is special. We have made a lot of friends and acquaintances among the way. It has certainly enriched our lives – and hopefully, at least to some extent yours as well.


A couple item to note are that our meat department will be closed on Monday January 21st as we are installing new meat display cases – very exciting for us! A second note would be that many salad and vegetables prices have increased; thus being that pursuit of crop losses in the growing areas….and just so you know, we don’t profit from this at all – we share your pain! And lastly, you’ll see us working around in the front area of the deli shortly; reason being the installation of our new pizza ovens and work area!


Also, our Village Cooking Studio has a new calender out for January and February events! Click here to check out the online version, or stop by the store and grab a handout!


So, here is to another 28 years of fun!