Posted: February 15 2013 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan


It’s Kid’s Day at the Cafe and the deal is this: we’ll start with our Chicken Noodle Soup, Breaded Chicken Fingers and Fries -or- a Jumbo Hot Dog and Fries, a Family Day Cupcake and a Pop or Juice, all for just $8.99


There will be a BLT – using lots of our beauty Bacon, fresh tomatoes and all that you need to call it a BLT- and a fresh Fruit Cup for $5.99. 

And the Hot Sunday Lunch will be one of three choices!!

1. Beef Bourguignon

2. Chicken Cacciatore

3. or Penne Carbonara

…with either mashed potatoes or rice, a starter of Soup or Salad, Coffee or Tea, and since you should be full by then, some dessert nibblies! All this for $10.95