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The Village Grocer’s Garden Centre prides itself in providing unique outdoor arrangements for every season. We carry an abundance of pre-made planters, urns and hanging baskets We also create custom pieces to suit your needs for any season. For those of you with a green thumb, we offer spectacular selection of bedding plants and perennials for you to create your own masterpieces.


March-May: we have a wide selection of pansies and spring bulbs to get you started.


May-August: Our garden centre is full of both shade and sun bedding plants and perennials to add color to your home throughout these months. From hangings baskets to full luscious pre-made urns, and a wide variety of containers to suit any outdoor space for here at home, or up at the cottage. To make a statement, we also carry a wide selection of trees and shrubs. Our garden centre professionals are out there to answer any questions you may have for your planting needs.


August-October: As the cooler weather creeps up, we bring in a variety of hardy fall foliage to refresh your tired summer gardens and urns. We also carry all sizes of pumpkins and gourds to add some color to your home for the harvest season.


November & December: As the holiday season approaches, drop by to check out our festive evergreen urn inserts, wreaths, and swags. We also carry individual evergreen bunches and ornaments for those of you who like to create your own.

Got gardening questions? Drop by. We can help ensure that your plants thrive and delight you all year long.




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