Posted: January 24 2013 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

In our old store we did big business with our rotisserie chickens. The reasons for that were many, but three stand out:

Firstly, we used our air-chilled chickens.

Secondly, our chickens are larger than most others available.

And thirdly, we have always used a great no MSG seasoning.

During our move a number of things happened:

Firstly, we retired out old machines in favor of a new one.

Secondly, it took us a while to get a new display warmer as the original was damaged in the move. Things went well for a while till a power surge destroyed the electronics on our new machine – and all the King’s men couldn’t fix it…(with me so far?)

We then oven-roasted our birds till our new machine arrived – and it now has, and it’s working very well!