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A Little Slice of Evan

  • Lunar New Year

    January 22 2020 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Here at the Village Grocer, our customer base and employee base have both grown exponentially, and for many of these great people, Chinese (Lunar) New Year is the biggest holiday of the year; a time for family to gather around the table to celebrate their ancestors and to spur on blessings of luck, prosperity and

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  • Happy New Year

    January 02 2020 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    We started our little business about 33 years ago on a hope and a prayer. Pretty well every morning I have a seat in our cafe and savour not just the coffee, but the experience. We have met a lot of folk, and have been supported by a community unlike any other. Our co-workers have

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  • “Giving Thanks”

    September 17 2019 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    “Giving Thanks” Join us on Saturday, October 19th as we “Give Thanks” to the Markham Stouffville Hospital by donating all of our daily sales (from open to close) to the hospital. We’ll have MSH doctors, nurses, clinicians and other community leaders working throughout the store to assist and serve you throughout the day. Prepare your

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  • Planting Season is Here!

    May 17 2019 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    After a few soggy days….in a row, we are about to be blessed with a few good days….also in a row! What we’ve got going on is a further shipment of Kimberley Queen Sunshine ferns, more Boston shade ferns too, and ……Maiden Hair ferns. The latter are fairly delicate and wispy, and for the shade

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  • Baldassarre Pasta

    April 23 2019 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of EvanThe Village Grocer Products

    Ready or not, we have the BEST fresh pasta in town from our new friends at Baldassarre. Born in Montreal and raised in Vaughan, Leandro Baldassarre’s first pasta-making experience was helping his nonna roll gnocchi and pinch ravioli. At 18, he started cooking professionally at Splendido, where he learned to make dough for egg yolk

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  • Pansies for Pancreatic Cancer!

    April 16 2019 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    On Easter Saturday, Elaine Walsh and her crew will be here looking after the sale of pansies, and all proceeds will go to Pancreatic Cancer Canada. This is something that Elaine has undertaken for the last several years and I urge you to support this very worthy cause; not that you need a lot of

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  • Wednesday Night Chicken Dinner Special!

    January 22 2019 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    We have the best rotisserie chickens in town and it’s not even close! 1) We just got a new oven that we brought in from France that’s state-of-the-art. Holds them at a steady temperature and bastes them as they cook. 2) The birds themselves are incredible. They’re locally-raised and are also massive. You’ll see roast

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  • Let’s Talk Peameal Bacon

    January 15 2019 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of EvanRecipes

    At risk of offending the nomenclature police, this is now known as Sweet Pickled Boneless Pork Loin, or something close, but if you labelled it as such, you would confuse everyone and when you travel in the southern States, this is considered “Canadian Bacon”. We just think of it as normal country breakfast, or lunch

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