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A Little Slice of Evan

  • Pi(e) Day

    March 07 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π and is observed on March 14th. We are celebrating here at The Village Grocer with a huge sale on our assorted fruit pies! Drop by on Sunday March 14th as we will be blowing out all of our fruit pies at 1/3 off! You

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  • Next In Line Winter Weather Program!

    March 01 2021 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Village Grocer “NEXT-IN-LINE” Cold Weather Program WITH WINTER WEATHER NOW UPON US, WE ARE PLEASED TO INTRODUCE OUR NEW VILLAGE GROCER “NEXT-IN-LINE” COLD WEATHER PROGRAM. 1) Park your car and then register in person at the “Next-In-Line Register Here” sign near the store entrance. 2) Register by providing your name & phone number at the

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  • National Cupcake Day: Feb 18th – 22nd

    February 16 2021 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Here at the Village Grocer we have a strong love for our furry friends, so last year when were heard about National Cupcake Day in support of SPCAs and Humane Societies, we jumped right on board. The idea of promoting our incredible cupcakes to benefit a great cause is something everybody in the store can

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  • Supper Club

    January 14 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    For New Year’s Eve we prepared amazing four course meals for people to take home and serve. Each person got to choose an appetizer, an entrée and a side and then we threw in a dessert. The reaction from customers was amazing, so we thought that for the time being we would make it a

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  • Time Flies when you’re having Fun!

    January 06 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    Evan here…I had occasion to talk to one of our old-time customers today, and it occurred to me that the anniversary of our original opening would be today…35 years! I can recall working day and night to try and get our little store ready to open, and open we did on January 6th, 1986. To

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  • to a better 2021!

    January 04 2021 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of Evan

    We started our little business about 30 plus years ago on a hope and a prayer. Pretty well every morning I have a seat in our cafe and savour not just the coffee, but the experience. We have met a lot of folk, and have been supported by a community unlike any other. Our co-workers

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  • Turkey Casserole

    December 20 2020 in Post Categories: A Little Slice of EvanRecipes

    Looking for something to do with all the turkey dinner left overs. Give this a try…. Makes 8 servings INGREDIENTS 1-2 cups (330-660g) dressing 2 cups (660 g) leftover turkey pieces/slices 1-2 cups (330-660g) sweet potato or turnip 2 cups (660 g) mashed potatoes Salt and pepper to taste METHOD Preheat oven to 350°F/176.6°C. Lightly

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  • Giving Thanks 2020

    September 30 2020 in Post Categories: NewsA Little Slice of Evan

    Thank you to the all of our wonderful customers who made a donation at our “Giving Thanks” program over Thanksgiving weekend in support of front line staff at MSH. We are excited to announce $32,200 was raised.   A special thank you to MSH staff for their support & all the front line workers.  

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