Posted: February 19 2020 in A Little Slice of Evan

It’s been two years since we had a big blowout on cupcakes so when we caught wind of National Cupcake Day to raise money for SPCA’s and Humane Societies, we jumped right on board. The idea of promoting our incredible cupcakes to benefit a great cause is something everybody in the store can get behind. My family are hardcore cat people. In fact, at one time there were twelve (!) under Cathy and Evan’s roof which is about eleven too many if you ask me. For more information regarding the SPCA, be sure to check out their website and be sure to tag us in your pictures on Instagram/Facebook..or better yet, bring in photos of your furry little friends to show Mariella, the biggest animal lover we have on staff! Drop by between Feb 20th-24th and buy a cupcake..or 12 for the most delicious way to show your support for animals in need. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Whitchurch-Stouffville SPCA.

Here are the 11 flavours we’ll be featuring:

Vanilla – white base with vanilla frosting

Chocolate – chocolate base with chocolate frosting

Red Velvet – red velvet base, injected with chocolate ganache, topped with cream cheese icing

Jelly Roll – white base, topped with fresh berries and whipped cream

Lemon Meringue – probably my second favourite! We inject a white base full of lemon curd and then pipe on meringue and torch it

Cookies & Cream – Chocolate base topped with white icing studded with crushed Oreos

Black & White Mousse Cupcake – this is easily my fave! We take a vanilla cupcake, inject it with a heaping amount of white chocolate mousse and then finish it with a layer of chocolate ganache. So over the top decadent!

Black Forest Cupcake – Chocolate cupcake soaked in kirsch, topped with cherry filling and freshly whipped cream

Caramel Pecan – Chocolate Base topped with a caramel icing with a load of candied pecans.

Strawberry Mousse – White cupcake topped with strawberry mousse and a glazed strawberry.

Confetti – definitely the most eye-popping! A white cupcake studded with tons of sprinkles topped with white icing and more sprinkles!