Posted: June 13 2019 in RecipesMeat

Neanderthal, double cut, bone-in, big enough to serve two fully grown carnivores, behemoth steaks. Several notes on cooking these: firstly, given the fact that we only sell prime beef, you are doing yourself a great disservice if you are seasoning with anything but salt and pepper. Keep it simple — you want to taste what you are paying for. Secondly, given the thickness of these bad boys, it is all to easy to burn the outside and have a raw center. I’d cook these in the reverse order, cooking for an hour over a low temp, flipping regularly until you come to your desired doneness and then searing them to finish. And finally, invest in a meat thermometer, which will allow you to get it down to a science and leave nothing to chance. Cook your steak to 140 degrees for medium rare, let it rest for five minutes off the grill and voila, you’ve nailed your Father’s Day Dinner!