Posted: March 28 2020 in Recipes

Have you ever looked in the cupboards and freezer, seen lots of different possibilities, but you just couldn’t come up with ideas for dinner? We know the feeling. And we’re grocers!

The sheet pan might be the unheralded hero of your kitchen. But it can come to your rescue when you need it most. And for more than just chicken breasts and veggies too.

Not only can you cook a remarkable variety of family-friendly dinner dishes, and even side dishes, but a sheet pan meal doesn’t usually take long to prepare and cook.  And, with only one or two baking sheets, clean-up is a breeze too.

Try These Sheet Pan Recipes

They can work wonders for busy weeknight meals, or get your Saturday evenings off to a delicious start. And you can make most of them entirely from items you already have in the freezer or pantry.

  1. Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Pizza – You know your parent-popularity soars when you can’t come up with dinner ideas, so you just shout “pizza night!”. But you also know its not the healthiest for your family. Why not make it an interactive pizza night and get their help in putting together this tasty and healthy pie.
  2. Extra-Crunchy Sheet Pan Mac & Cheese – After you try this sheet pan dinner, you might never have mac ‘n’ cheese in a box again. This is the real deal.  And you can get creative, even adventurous with added ingredients, including onions, bacon or jalapeno peppers.
  3. Sausage & Pepper Sheet-Pan Sandwiches – Hey, have some hot dog buns you need to use before they go stale? How about red peppers, onions, olive oil and cheese? Then you’re just about ready to enjoy this delicious and healthy meal. While you might not have “uncooked, sweet Italian turkey sausage” laying around, you can swap them for another sausage variety, or even hot dog weiners. 

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