Posted: October 31 2019 in News

What makes you a foodie? In simple terms, you appreciate good food, made of quality ingredients, that delivers a unique taste experience. But being a foodie also means driving all over the GTA, visiting store after store, and sometimes lining up to find and enjoy the food you love.

That is, unless you visit The Village Grocer first. We feature some of the most famous and in-demand local and artisanal brands of hard-to-find foods, right here in Markham. Here’s just a taste.


Blackbird Baking Co

1. Blackbird Baking Company (bread)

They’ve been baking bread since 1894. Even if you go to the bakery, you might miss out because their small-batch, hand-baked breads sell out daily. But we have some for you at The Village Grocer!


2. Baldassarre Pasta (pasta)

Quickly becoming the pasta of choice at authentic Italian restaurants all over the GTA, Baldassarre is only open for weekday lunches, and lineups form outside their kitchen to get a taste of their pasta. Lucky for you, there are no lineups here at TVG! 


3. Fiasco Gelato (gelato and sorbetto)

With flavours like Coffee Toffee, Bourbon Vanilla Bean and Raspberry Lime, it’s no wonder Fiasco’s hand-made gelato and sorbetto disappears quickly, but we have it in stock.


4. Ste. Annes’ Bakery (certified gluten-free bread)

We are the only location in Markham where you can find a selection of Ste. Anne’s fresh-baked, 100% gluten-free breads, including dairy- and nut-free varieties.

5. Franklin & Sons (beverages)

These refreshing tonics, sodas and soft drinks deliver uniquely refreshing flavours from specially-sourced ingredients. They have been highly sought-after since they first tickled the palates of Victorian London.


Photo from The Healthy Butcher

6. Meadow Sweet Greens (organic lettuce)

If you like to shop local, it doesn’t get closer to home than Gormley’s Meadowsweet Greens’ handcrafted baby-leaf and micro-green salad mixes.


sloane tea sachets

7. Sloane Tea (tea)

The loyalty of Sloane Tea drinkers makes it difficult to find this tea that’s a treat for your senses of taste, smell and sight. But we have a wide selection waiting for you.


Photo from BlogTO

8. Mad Mexican (dips)

Mad Mexican will transform your very understanding about what a salsa and dip should be. Made from fresh, natural ingredients, with care, love and pride.


9. Kozlik’s Mustards (mustard)

Kozlik’s carries on Canada’s mustard-making tradition, using only 100% Canadian mustard seed in every one of the spicy, sweet or savoury mustard varieties they make.


plant based milk from Elmhurst is great for vegans

10. Elmhurst Milk (milk)

If you prefer your milk plant-based, you’ll appreciate Elmhurst’s dedication to innovative new processes. They derive more nutrients from the plants – and more flavour.


honey from Rosewood adds a good twist to ordinary foods

11. Rosewood Estates (honey)

Those who appreciate Rosewood’s dedication to pure, raw and unpasteurized honey also support their sustainable beekeeping practices that make the honey uniquely flavourful.


jelly from Greaves is number twelve of the list of unique foodie foods

12. Greaves Preservatives (jams and marmalades)

World famous Greaves gourmet, all-natural, jams and marmalades bring the best of the Niagara fruit belt to our store – and your breakfast table.


milk from Sheldon Creek is number thirteen of the list of unique foodie foods

13. Sheldon Creek (milk)

If you’re looking for Sheldon Creek’s milk, you know what A2 means. The den Haan family of Ontario’s Sheldon Valley is the first to produce 100% A2 milk in Canada.


meat from Speducci is on our list of unique foods


14. Speducci Paganelli (charcuterie)

Chef Paganelli upholds the finest Italian tradition in creating award-winning, naturally-cured meats, including the finest prosciutto, pancetta and salami. And he does it right here in Ontario.


15. Toronto Popcorn (popcorn) 

TOPopcorn has developed quite a cult following since popping up in Toronto’s Kensington Market in 2013. Starting from one kettle and flavour, today you’ll find a find many varieties of this small-batch, old-fashioned kettle corn and movie-style popcorn in our store.


beer from Muskoka Springs is number sixteen on the list of unique foodie foods

16. Muskoka Springs (beverages)

Made from natural spring water, local botanical extracts, and maybe even a bit of birch bark, Muskoka Spring’s craft beverages quite literally bring cottage country to your backyard.


lemonade bottle is number seventeen on the list of unique foodie foods

17. Lighthouse Lemonade (lemonade)

New Brunswick’s Lighthouse Lemonade is made from a recipe handed down from a 19th-century sea captain whose ships brought the lemons from the tropics. It just doesn’t get more authentic than that.


Photo from Amidst the Chaos

18. Firebat Coffee (coffee)

With its own Latin American plantation, Oakville-based Firebat is uniquely positioned to grow and roast outstanding artisan coffee exclusively for the Canadian market.


bbq sauce from Lillies Barbeque is number nineteen on the list of unique foodie foods

19. Lillies Barbeque (bbq sauce)

If you grill, you appreciate ‘Southern Style’. Based on Grandma Lillie’s recipes, these sauces infuse your barbecue cooking with authentic southern flavour.


sauce from jerk in a jar is number twenty on the list of unique foodie foods

20. Jerk In a Jar (sauce)

We really can’t get over the passion with which fans of this authentic Jamaican jerk marinade seek it out. The phone doesn’t stop ringing. It’s in high demand and difficult to find, but we carry a full line of flavours.


sauce from Saucy Dotti is number twenty one on the list of unique foodie foods

21. Saucy Dotti (bbq sauce)

Brighton, Ontario’s Dot Worobetz is the wonderful lady behind Saucy Dotty’s Gourmet Sauce. It’s a bold, balanced union of sweet and savoury that can work straight up; as a marinade or glaze; and as a dip, pizza base or in chilli and stew.


steak spice from Barberian’s Steak Spice is number 22 on the list of unique foodie foods

22. Barberian’s Steak Spice (spice)

There’s a reason that Barberian’s is Canada’s most renowned steakhouse. Some say it’s Harry Barberian’s unique steak seasoning that makes the difference. Stop by and find out for yourself!


mango margarita from Powell & Maloney Margarita is is number 23 on the list of unique foodie foods

23. Powell & Maloney Margarita (beverage)

Margarita aficionados don’t look kindly on mixes. Until they try Powell & Maloney’s perfectly balanced mixer, made from non-GMO certified juices without using artificial flavours or preservatives.


ice cream from Kwarth Dairy is number 24 on the list of unique foodie foods

24. Kawartha Dairy (ice cream)

If you’re like us, just hearing “Kawartha Dairies” reminds you of warm summer evenings on the cottage dock enjoying delicious ice cream like none other. Bring a little bit of the cottage home from The Village Grocer next time you visit.


scents from Lampberger

25. Lampe Berger (diffusers)

You can visit their shops in Paris on weekdays until 7:00 pm. Or we can show you a wide range of Lampe Berger diffusers that purify and perfume indoor air like no other system.


26. Lodge (cast iron cookware)

Widely considered to be the best cast-iron cookware there is, Lodge pans are each made from a single piece of iron, and come pre-seasoned. The result is consistent non-stick cooking every time.


BBQ from Big Green Egg can help you make unique foodie foods

27. Big Green Egg (BBQ)

Sought after by Michelin chefs, foodies and cookout champions around the world, the Big Green Egg is a charcoal-fuelled, ceramic grill that brings barbecue goodness and flavour to everything you cook. Click here to learn more about Big Green Egg at The Village Grocer.


glassware from la rochere

28. La Rochere (glassware)

From the oldest glass ovens in Europe, La Rochere combines old-world authenticity and quality with modern French style and design. We find you just have to see and feel a La Rochere piece to realize the difference.


dinner and cookware from Maxwell Williams

29. Maxwell Williams (cookware)

This is the sort of dinnerware, cookware and glassware that you look forward to using. Not to show off to guests, but just because you like is so much yourself. And, yes, it impresses your guests too!


30. Michel Design Works (foaming soap)

We don’t know what’s best. How your skin feels after washing; the unique scents, like honey almond and lemon basil; or the sheer quality of the product, but there are lots of reasons to just love Michel Design Works foaming soap. 

We’re always adding new tastes and treats for foodies and those who appreciate unique, quality products that they can’t find elsewhere. Check our website often for updates and feel free to contact us at the store here in Markham to find your favourite products.