Posted: June 06 2013 in CondimentsDessertsSauces

Here at The Village Grocer, we carry a wide variety of St.Dalfour products. Recently, we started carrying St.Dalfour’s organic chocolate and other dessert sauces. Available in six (6) different flavours…

Organic Chocolate Sauce

Organic Caramel Sauce

Organic Raspberry Chocolate Sauce

Organic Coffee Chocolate Sauce

Organic Strawberry Sauce

Organic Blueberry Sauce

St. Dalfour Sauces are guaranteed to be organic by the French Organic Association called Ecocert and by the United States Department of Agriculture. No pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics or other harmful substances are used to make St. Dalfour Sauces. They are wholesome and nutritious. They reduce exposure to unhealthy substances. Also “organic” helps the planet because organic farming methods respect the earth and the environment.

St.Dalfour Sauces are made without the addition of fat. They have a delicious taste because they are make with premium rice and agave syrups which have a wonderful texture.

Since there is no fat in the sauces, there is also no cholesterol!

These delicious sauces are made only with a blend of premium organic agave and rice syrups. This organic syrup has a very low glycemic index. It costs three times more than a syrup made with sugar but it is worth the extra cost to have the low glycemic index. Foods with lower glycemic indexes can help maintain normal blood sugar levels and avoid levels which create sugar shock.

The French chefs who created these sauces are masters of the culinary arts. They know just how much chocolate to add to the milk solids. They know exactly what percentage of each ingredient should be used to make delicious sauce, how to blend all the ingredients together, and then cook to an ideal temperature. Genius at work!