Posted: January 25 2011 in Barbecue SaucesThe Village Grocer Products

5-Star – First place winner of the Texas Fiery Food Shoot Out and the Buda Country Fair Cook Off, 5-Star will win rave reviews around your table for its authentic Texas taste. Try some on your next batch of chicken or ribs and discover why serious barbequers made 5-Star our most popular sauce.

Killer – Crank up the heat. This sauce is for those who like a little extra Texas excitement in their barbecue. With more peppers and spices than your average sauce and the right balance of natural hickory smoke flavor, Killer is hot enough to please, but not too hot to enjoy. Awarded first prize for taste by Food and Wine Magazine.

Mesquite – Authentic fajitas start with the marinade, and   we can say with Texas pride that ours simply has no equal.

Chik’n-Lik’n – We set out to create the best chicken BBQ sauce around, and with Texas pride, we can say we succeeded. Made with mustard and a touch of our Texas Champagne Pepper Sauce. It’s great on chicken, pork, fish, shrimp and wild game.

Texas Pecan – More and more grillers are discovering the secret that old timers have been guarding for years, that pecan wood makes sweeter smoke than mesquite or hickory and adds a distinctively mild taste to slow cooked brisket, ribs and sausage. Once you’ve tried this great sauce, keeping it a secret is up to you.