Posted: October 21 2020 in Recipes

You start off by bringing a pot of salted water to a boil. In the meantime you will coarsely chop the pancetta and fry it in its own fat for about five minutes, allowing the fat to render until the bits are a delicious shade of brown, and then kill the heat. On the side, whisk up an egg with freshly cracked black pepper and ample amount of parmesan, which in my opinion, you can NEVER have too much of. Parmesan is life! Once your water is at a boil, toss in your pasta. We use fresh spaghetti so this should take two minutes max. Add the cooked spaghetti to the pancetta, toss it around letting it get coated in all the salty rendered fat before adding the egg mixture and moving it around rapidly so as not to let the eggs scramble. Add some of the pasta water to the mixture to thin out the sauce to your desired consistency and grate a little more parmesan because, as I’ve said, parmesan is life. Lots of recipes will call for you to add cream, but when done right, the fat from the pancetta, the starch from the pasta and the yolk will emulsify into its own sauce that is unbelievably delicious and rich on its own