Posted: March 28 2020 in Recipes

You’ll usually hear about immune-boosting recipes in the fall as we bunker down for winter, and cold and flu season. But just because cold and flu season’s behind us for this year, it doesn’t mean our immune system doesn’t need all the help it can get to keep us virus-free.

One of the mistakes that we all make at this time of year is to rush outside because it isn’t -35 degrees anymore. But it isn’t +25 degrees either, and, if we’re not dressed for it, virus risks can be just as high as at any time of year.


Try These Immune Boosting Recipes

Here are three healthy recipes that boost your immune system to help you stay healthy into spring and summer, and all year round.

  1. Mega-Vitamin C Smoothie – If there’s a rock star of immunity boosters it’s vitamin C. Everybody knows that, right? But if there’s something that many of us don’t realize, it is that you can get lots of vitamin C from foods other than oranges. And carrots are one of them. These two come together in this delicious smoothie that’s super rich in vitamin C. And it’s ready in less than 15 minutes.
  2. Chicken Noodle Soup – It’s probably as close as humankind has come to a cure for the common cold. And there’s a good reason for that. You can pack your chicken noodle soup with vitamin C too. Almost every recipe you find includes carrots. But if you add things like chopped broccoli and brussels sprouts, you get a double whammy of “C” that not only helps you avoid viruses, but it reduces symptoms if you do catch a bug.
  3. Probiotic Breakfast Bowls – More and more research confirms the link between a healthy gut and your overall health, including a healthier immune system. Probiotics include fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt. This breakfast bowl recipe is not only rich in probiotics, but the scallions and avocado are great sources of prebiotics, which fuel the probiotics.

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