Posted: November 01 2018 in RecipesMeat

These are Rack Veal Chops whose bones have been frenched and meat flattened. Leaving the bone attached when preparing for effect! Our butchers will be able to do this for you if wish. To prepare,  season some flour with salt and pepper, and then dredge the veal chop in the seasoned flower. Next, mix an egg or two with a dash of milk and beat till homogeneous. Take a cup of unseasoned breadcrumbs and add 2 teaspoons of grated Reggiano cheese. Dip the veal chop in the egg mixture, being sure that you have coated all surfaces. Then pass the meat through the breadcrumbs. It’s now time to fry these in a large smooth-bottomed fry pan in a mixture of 1/2 olive oil or vegetable oil. Fry until golden brown and juices run clear.

One veal chop should serve 1 hungry person or 2 more modest appetites. If desired, serve with a wedge of lemon.