Posted: January 23 2011 in RecipesPoultry

Using skinless boneless chicken thighs (breast are okay, but the dark meat and smaller pieces of chicken work best for this), wash each piece and pat dry.  Place in a flat pan and pour “The Best Dressed Chili Orange Dressing” to cover.  Allow to stand 4 to 5 hours refrigerated.  Prepare the grill and allow the excess dressing to drip from the chicken pieces before placing them on the grill to avoid flare-up.  Grill on high heat until well done…approximately 20 minutes, depending on your barbeque.

This chicken can also be made in a 350°F. oven, but be sure to place chicken on a rack in the pan.

“The Best Dressed Chili Orange Dressing” may also be used in the same manner for meat or fish, adjusting the marinating time for fish to only 1 hour.  NEVER re-use marinades or dressing for another purpose after marinating.

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