Posted: December 09 2013 in News

We are in full Christmas mode in our bakery. It looks like Santa’s workshop in the basement. The whole bakery is filled with 100s of trays of various shortbreads, cakes to be decorated, gingerbread houses, candied nuts, painted sugarcookies, in all different shapes, sizes and colours, candy, rainbow of ribbons, Christmas cake to be cut, Christmas pudding, meringue mushrooms, sugar plums scones…the list goes on.

If you are planning your christmas menu, here are a few highlights of our repertoire:

Three types of Yulelogs: Chocolate filled with chocolate mousse, While log filled with lemon curd and butter cream, and a Hazelnut mousse-filled white log topped with ganache and hazelnut croquant.

Snowcakes: A more festive version of strawberry shortcake with the addition of a meringue layer and crushed meringue outside.

Croquembouche: A tower of profiterols filled with a mix of various mousses, white and dark chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut.

Lots of Cheesecakes: Holiday (cranberry, candied pecan, spiced apple)Eggnog, Candy Cane, Turtle – to name a few.

Shortbread: Traditional, Candied Ginger, Cranberry Orange, Caramel-Pecan, Toblerone, Candy Cane.

Sugar Plum Scones, various Brulees (eggnog, gingerbread, vanilla), Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies, Doreen’s Christmas Cake, Plum Pudding with brandy sauce; various squares for your Christmas entertaining; cranberry scones; mincemeat tarts and pies; pumpkin pies, mini gingerbread houses.

Please order early to get your favorite!

For a full list of all our Bakery Christmas Specials click here!