Posted: May 08 2012 in News

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE              18.95  &   24.95

Traditionally “The” favourite for Mothers…. Layers of white sponge filled with diced strawberries and whipped cream. The whole top of the cake is covered with White – and Dark Chocolate Dipped and glazed strawberries.


We had this on special couple of weeks ago, and everybody is asking for it. White cake, strawberries and cream with an addition of Limoncello custard and Limoncello brushed on the cake. Finished with toasted sliced almonds.


We make a delicious Fresh Strawberry Buttercream with pureed strawberries and chunks of strawberries in it, use it inside (and outside) of the cake with a layer of strawberry jam.

GIFT BOX CAKE              18.95

Square chocolate cake filled and glazed with ganache. Finished with pink fondant ribbon and flowers.

RED VELVET CAKES       15.95   &    24.95

Red velvet cake with a bit of ganache inside and cream cheese icing. Topped with red hearts

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE   15.95  &   24.95

Shortbread bottom, Grand Marnier-infused strawberries and a bit of orange zest inside the cheesecake, profusion of glazed and chocolate dipped strawberries on top with chocolate curls.

RASPBERRY TRUFFLE FLAN     12.95  &  22.95

Flourless pecan crust filled with ganache, raspberry puree and Framboise. Rich and decadent!

MOUSSE CAKES             22.95  &   29.95

Mothers like mousse! (I think?)  There will be a variety of mousse cakes available for Mother’s Day; LEMON, RASPBERRY, BLACK & WHITE, MANGO and a new RASPBERRY-MANGO that is made with layers of white cake and both Raspberry and Mango Mousse.


Our most popular bakery item. For Mother’s Day we are also making (in addition of our Mixed Berry one…) Chocolate-Cherry and a new STRAWBERRY MOUSSE with diced strawberries


Long-stemmed strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate “tuxedo” complete with a bowtie

CHOCOLATE GANACHE CAKES  15.95 & 22.95  and  CHOCOLATE FROSTED CAKES  14.95  &  22.95 all decked-up for Mother with flowers

VANILLA CAKES   12.95  &  19.95 Pink or white icing, white shavings, fondant flowers

CHEESECAKES         14.95  &   22.95

Our selection includes Lemon, Blueberry, Raspberry and Mango

We are also making all kinds of  cookies for mom, all wrapped-up  with pretty ribbons. And we are making some special muffins for Mother’s Day Breakfast in bed; STRAWBERRY (filled with custard) and LEMON (injected with lemon curd) and Vanilla Cupcakes with hearts and butterflies and STRAWBERRY cupcakes with strawberry buttercream