Posted: October 23 2012 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

For those of you who wish to be up-to-date, we have been working on a Village Grocer Calendar for 2013. The Markham Group of Artists have been kind enough to provide some painting of scenes and aspects of our store, we’ve photographed them and we’ve ‘personalized the calendar portion so you ‘ll get friendly reminders of what’s happening with food, local events and dates of interest. This will be available to all for the nominal fee of $5:00, all of which will go to our ‘Hockey with Heart’ charity which helps groups or individuals in need who live in our Community. It’s not ready, won’t be for a week or two, but be sure to leave a space on your wall for it! And speaking of hanging things on the wall, the individual works of art will be available for sale as well at an event which will be held upstairs at a date to be announced shortly.