Posted: March 14 2013 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

A couple exciting things to report…..Firstly, when I was at the Produce Market this morning, we were able to get some beautiful fully-sweet Muscat Grapes. They come from Chile, and they are very nice. On the way back from the Produce expedition, I visited the meat plant, and wow, we bought found a whole bunch of our old-fashioned marbled meat, and of course we bought it. Now I know that eating a lot of red meat is not the best, but I preach moderation in all things (not including plants and flowers), but I enjoy a great piece of beef from time to time, and if it’s your time, it will be ready for sale by next weekend. Lastly, we are hosting two Irish events this Sunday afternoon and evening with a couple spots in each sitting available, and Karen and Linda are hosting an event on Tuesday next, with a host of Easter Ideas and Menu Ideas……and lunch, and you’ll get me for a bit to carve some of the lunch, and to demonstrate how we make a ham, from beginning to end. See you then!