Posted: May 21 2013 in NewsThe Village Cooking Studio Events

April Showers bring May flowers, and here at The Village Grocer we are in full bloom. We are just bursting with an array of beautiful flowers to transform your gardens .On Wednesday May 15th 2013 Linda and Karen, our resident Queen Bees invited you all to their Garden Party in the Village! And with the help of some special guests, they were able to help give your senses a new beginning.

Part of the afternoon included an assortment of teas that tantalized our taste buds from the new line of “My Cup of Tea”. Some of the flavors were “Beauty”, “Love” and a “Detox” and of course we also had delicious scones and tea sandwiches to nibble on in between.

Erin and Joanna, from The Village Grocer’s outdoor garden center showed us how to create spectacular urns with ultimate eye appeal. And with their wealth of gardening knowledge and planting tips, many fantastic questions for everyday gardeners were answered! If you have any questions for them, or looking for beautiful flowers for your garden, drop by and they will be happy to help.

Last, but certainly not least, we were joined by Lisa Wasylyk of Lampe Berger. Lisa demonstrated and discussed how Lampe Berger works – how the product destroys odors and bacteria in the air while increasing oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. Each attendee was eligible to enter the draw to win a Lampe Berger starter kit, and others walked away with a potted plant curtsy of The Village Grocer, and samples of “My Cup of Tea” flavors.