Posted: December 20 2012 in NewsThe Village Grocer Products

If you love to bake something savoury or sweet during the holidays or know someone  who does, we’ve got the bakeware for you.  Fat Daddio’s bakeware has been a favourite of professional chefs for over 40 years.  It bakes evenly, cleans quickly and releases easily to help you achieve consistently great results in your baking.  It is manufactured using an anodizing process which seals the pores in the aluminum using a natural process without pigments, dyes, PTFE or PFOA.  You will love the professional results that you achieve using this professional quality bakeware.  Linda and Karen, who manage our Village Cooking Studio, rave about Fat Daddio.  Their favourite items from the line are the tart and quiche pans with the removable bottoms.  Enjoy the savoury Apple Tart recipe.  Entertaining made easy during the holidays!