Posted: November 27 2012 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

I am lucky to have a number of chums who operate stores similar to ours, and they are widely scattered not just across the province, but across the country. What we try to do is be as helpful as we can, and we keep few secrets from one another that would make our stores better or easier to operate. The Bing Cherries that we have today is an example of ‘passing the puck’ to one another; they were arranged for me by a friend who runs a couple great stores in Sudbury (no kidding); he stayed later at the Produce Terminal yesterday to await the arrival of this shipment, and ascertain it’s quality, which turned out to be in every way superior to the current Cherry product available…which incidentally we had not bought. Soooooo…………, a big thanks to my buddy Marshall, and a heads-up to you that they will be selling fast, even at $10.00 per pound……..they are that good! On another note, there is about a week left before you’ll need advent calendars at home, and we have a few left of the best ones out there. They come from Rogers in Victoria, BC, and judging from my kids (and 22 years old is still a kid), your kids will love these too! Thirdly, get yourself (and your friends) one of our pretty impressive 2013 Calendars. There is a nominal fee of $5.00, all of which goes to the Hockey with Heart Charity, which is a Community Outreach Program which is based on our men’s hockey league, and our mandate is that we help individuals or organizations in circumstances of need. Evan