Posted: May 10 2018 in A Little Slice of Evan

Firstly, we’re just at this moment unloading a shipment of the most beautiful Tropical Bougainvillea in many colours and styles. These are for indoor at the moment, but shortly for the outdoors during summer. Arriving are thousands of smaller pots for planting containers and patio pots, Mother Geraniums, Begonias in many styles, Gardenia bushes and trees, Hibiscus with their beautiful tropical colours, and the second lot of Geraniums. Already here are an assortment of Peony bushes, Rhododendrons, Hydrangea and Grasses, both perennial and annual. There is more coming every day, so keep a watchful eye. Also, in my neighborhood I notice a lot of hanging baskets and front step containers out on display already; it’s best to be careful yet, as we’ve all seen snow and frost pretty late in May…just sayin’.