Posted: June 22 2018 in A Little Slice of Evan

This Sunday marks Doreen’s 90th Birthday, and I just wanted to write a little note about it. It was my VERY GREAT PLEASURE to work closely with Doreen in our business until she retired in her mid 80’s. Throughout that 25 years we had just an abundance of fun as we experienced the adventure which you all know as The Village Grocer. There was nothing quite as uplifting as her beaming face when I’d come to work in the morning (she most often beat me there), having a fresh coffee with her and chatting about the upcoming day, and what had to be done. She was just the most tireless worker, ALWAYS good-natured, a genuine smile for everyone, with unfailing thoughtfulness, and the best wishes for all. But that’s not all…….her signal contribution to our business was her impeccable palate, all of those recipes that we still make faithfully today, her scalloped potatoes that took me about 10 years to convince her to make, her fruitcake that took even longer, and her willingness to try new things while being faithful to that very old-fashioned pure ingredient approach. Cathy and I have so much to thank Doreen for, and actually our larger family as well, because Village Grocer would never have been anything like it is without her efforts, very kindly given, every day. So…..a Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Deen, we hope that it’s as great as you are!  -Evan