Posted: April 21 2017 in A Little Slice of Evan

Just in time for Earth Day, we are featuring these amazing plants – Crispy Wave Fern! They are considered an Air Purifier.

The waviness of the Crispy Wave’s fronds increases their actual surface area compared to other ferns which, according to NASA’s air purifying plant study, is the number one factor in determining a plant’s oxygen producing capabilities. In addition, the fronds’ thickness and rigidity allow the Crispy Wave to filter harmful particles such as formaldehyde from the air to a higher degree than even the fabled but fragile leafed Boston Fern. The fact that the Crispy Wave can grow endlessly if put in a larger container means that its air purifying properties will only improve the longer you have it!

This low maintenance plant it will take care of keeping your air naturally clean for a very long time. Ferns usually have long shelf lives but due to its uniquely strong fronds, hardiness, and adaptability the Crispy Wave can outlive almost any other potted plant.

Growing Advice: Your crispy wave is at home everywhere in the house or office. It will thrive and clean the air in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere needing a breath of fresh air! This amazing fern requires very little maintenance and will keep on growing indefinitely if you follow these simple care instructions.

Light: No direct sunlight; your crispy wave prefers low light. Provide shade during those times of day when the sun is shining directly onto your Crispy Wave. Your Crispy Wave can be brought outside to the patio in the summer but keep it in a shaded area. Rotate your plant occasionally if it receives light from only one side so that it keeps a nice even shape.

Water: Your crispy wave can be watered from above but make sure that there is good drainage at the bottom of the pot. The soil should be kept lightly moist (do not allow to dry completely) but do not overwater either! One to two waterings a week is the standard. As it grows and you re-pot it in a larger sized pot it will require more watering. You may spray the leaves in the summer to increase the ambient humidity.

Soil: When re-potting your Crispy Wave use any all purpose or tropical soil mixture with good drainage. Do not be surprised if the soil beneath your Crispy Wave is covered in roots; they are voracious growers. A Crispy Wave transplanted to a barrel sized, or very large, container can grow into a massive air-purifying bush given enough years.