Posted: October 23 2019 in A Little Slice of Evan

If I could quote my son Thomas, never reticent about letting you know how he feels; “it was the best day of work ever”! I think that says it all for us.

From the Docs and Specialists who helped out, to some of our suppliers who helped when they found out what was happening.

To the Markham Firefighters Association who set the bar for carry-out guys, to our staff who embraced the adventure.

To the Queen Bee girls who run a business within ours, to Soyen of the Sushi operation who does the same.

To Allan Bell and his MSH Foundation crew (who are amazing), and many others who just wanted to help.

And to YOU! Our customers who came out with open hearts…and open wallets, the day was a success by any which way that you might measure success!

The amount? Just a bit more than $101,000!

And there’s more! One of our very regular customers was in and stated, “whatever you guys raise today, my family will match it”…Wow! You do the math.

When I talked about this event last week and mentioned that we live in a community like no other, this is what I meant. Thank you to all who helped.

– Cathy and Evan Mac Donald