Orignal Red Pepper Jelly

No heat. Tangy, sweet with balance of flavors. A superb condiment with many uses such as a dip or glaze or sauce. Microwave to melt. Dip for eggrolls, samosas, chicken fingers and tofu. Glaze for all BBQ meats, salmon, chicken and sausages.

Towne Crier Hot Red Pepper Jelly

Strong heat. Tangy and sweet. An easy glaze for ribs, grilled vegetables, pork/beef roasts, chicken thighs, sausages, ham, tortillas or spread onto grilled bagels with cheddar, brie, gruyere, gouda, fete or chevre. Adds a zip to gravies, salad dressings, marinades and stir-fries.

Roasted Garlic Red Pepper Jelly

Medium heat with roasted garlic flavor. Use with all roasted and BBQ meats, stir fries, spring rolls, grilled vegetables, frittata,  grilled proscuitto and fontina sandwiches, roast potatoes, sausages. Also use in gravy, sauces, salad dressings and dips.

Smokey El Paso Red Pepper Jelly

Medium heat, strong Mexican chili flavor, medium mesquite smoke, and a hint of roasted garlic. Serve with all roasted or BBQ meats, especially BBQ pork or beef ribs, sausages or salmon. Also works well with a full bodied cheddar cheese.

Spicy Bombay Red Pepper Jelly

Both a sweet and sour flavor with a lingering medium heat that presents itself late. Great with BBQ lamb, pork ribs and chicken. It is also outstanding with a glaze for ham.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Red Pepper Jelly

The sweet, the heat, and the tang makes a perfect compliment to a variety of  foods. Egg rolls, sausages, stir-fry, grilled sandwiches, fish kebobs, salad dressings, even cranberry lime cheesecake!

Mango Ginger Red Pepper Jelly

Use with brie, goat cheese, BBQ fruit, mascarpone-stuffed peach halves, lime grilled shrimp, chicken cordon bleue, crispy-skin BBQ duck, French toast, bagels and cheddar, crumpets and tea, curried lamb and jasmine rice, glazed ham, mixed vegetable stir-fry, or even a baked custard.

Papaya Lime Red Pepper Jelly

With no heat, it is a blend of fresh fruit flavors and zesty lime. Works will with pork kebobs, grilled shrimp/chicken wrapped with avocado, brie and bacon in wontons, glaze for BBQ fruits, french toast and bagels.

Balsamic Fig Red Pepper Jelly

Great with all roasted or BBQ meats, all cheeses that are baked, planked or chilled!

Blueberry Sambuca Red Pepper Jelly

Make this jelly for a special occasion breakfast – for crumpets or French toast. Also can be a glaze for Cornish Hen.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Red Pepper Jelly

Great with muffins, bagels, toasted breads and hot crumpets. Accompany with BBQ pork, grilled pineapple and even French vanilla ice cream.

Moroccan Tangerine Red Pepper Jelly

Medium heat, with Moroccan spices. Great on sandwiches, wraps, and stew dishes.

Wasabi Ginger Red Pepper Jelly

Delievers a fabulous balance of Japanese ingredients that can be incorporated into many light appetizers. Try it with smoked salmon cream cheese on rice crackers, spring rolls or crab in snow peas. Simply melted, it becomes a glaze for grilled coconut shrimp kebobs or for tuna steak on the BBQ.

Horseradish Black Peppercorn Red Pepper Jelly

Excellent on deli meats, sausages, ribs or anything smoked.

Thai Basil Red Pepper Jelly

Use as a condiment to all BBQ meats.

Thai Mango Red Pepper Jelly

Use it anything you crave thai, with noodles, rice, any grain, tofu, shrimp, salmon and tuna.

Raspberry Chipotle Red Pepper Jelly

Savory and sweet  with a heat that rises slowly from the back of your palate. Great with all meats, cheeses, and in salads with bitter greens and nuts.

Spicy Tart Cherry Red Pepper Jelly

Terrific on brushchetta with goat cheese, and fabulous when paired with foir gras.