Posted: April 29 2016 in The Village Grocer Products

They are diverse in size, shape, flavour and texture.  Each heirloom tomato has its  unique characteristics.

Brown, Purple Black Varieties:

Distinct rich flavour, that ranges from a sweet flavour to a slightly salty-smoky taste.

Their skin coloring extends into the fruit which can be very attractive.

Red Varieties:

These are very healthy and delicious with an assortment of flavours.  Their pulp is thick with few seeds.

Yellow/Orange Varieties:

Their flavours can vary from sweet and juicy to tangy.  They usually have a slight citrus flavour and are low in sodium.

Pink Varieties:

These have a creamy texture, thin skin and a sweet flavour.  These are great for sauces, salsa and canning.

Green Varieties:

These are best fried.  They have a full-bodied tomato flavour.  Some are sweet with a tart, almost spicy undertone.

Orzo Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes and Herbs
Heirloom Tomato Tower