Posted: February 12 2013 in The Village Cooking Studio Events

On Wednesday February 6, 2013 we were graced once again with the international talent of Nancy Rossi. This time she took us to France, with her French inspired menu.

Our guests indulged in three outstanding dishes that allowed their taste buds to blossom.

Nancy started off the meal with a outstanding French Onion Soup (best we have ever tasted). With thinly sliced onions, stock and of course pieces of, baguette! The flavourful stock, the sweet onions and the baguette blended into the perfect combination for our taste buds.


For the main entree, Nancy made Pommes de Terre Chateau which is a French inspired scalloped potato dish. Along with the potatoes, Nancy seared a delicious cut of meat that she purchased right here at The Village Grocer.

And last, but not least, Nancy taught us how to make Moelieux au Chocolate (Melting Chocolate Dessert). Served with Creme Anglaise, fresh fruit and coffee or tea.

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