Posted: November 27 2018 in RecipesSoups

The best pea soup is made slowly, the longer the better.  It taste even better the next day, just add water as needed.  This recipe makes approximately 4 liters of soup, but don’t worry it freezes without problems.


2 packages of green split peas, 350g each
3 to 3 ½ liters of water
2 leeks
1 Smoked Village Grocer Pork Hock
black pepper, salt
onion powder
maggi, soya or Indonesian Ketjap



Bring water and split peas to a boil.  Turn heat down, cover and cook for approximately 1 hour (on low heat) as not to burn the bottom.  Add pork hock, stir routinely.

Cut leeks very fine, add to soup and cook for another hour, adding water as needed.  Take pork hock out, remove skin and bone, cut meat in small pieces and add to soup.  Add spices and possibly some fresh chopped parsley.  Use the Maggi, Soya or Ketjap to give the soup that extra flavour.

In Holland, we added smoked sausage to the soup also. Overnight it will thicken.  Just add water the next day.