Posted: April 10 2022 in Recipes

Recipe makes 2 Bunny Cakes
Makes 6 – 8 servings per cake
Ingredients: – CAKE
1 box of White or Lemon Cake Mix
1 jar of lemon curd or icing
Ingredients: – FROSTING
Betty Crocker Whipped White Icing
Ingredients: – DECORATIONS
1 bag (200g) shredded coconut
Assorted Easter candies for the eyes, whiskers and rabbit nose
Craft paper to cut out ears
Black Licorice sticks or straws for whiskers
Marshmallows, for tail
Mix the batter the of cake mix as per the instructions on the box and pour into 2 – 9 inch (23cm) buttered cake pans. (This will give you the foundation for 2 bunny cakes.) Bake at 350°F/180°C until done. Let cool and remove from pans.
Cut round cake in half. Spread lemon curd filling on one side. Top with the second half of cake. Spread a smear of lemon curd or icing on your plate or platter. Next, place the cake cut side down on the plate and cover the cake with icing. Cover the cake with spoonfuls of coconut lightly patting it down with the back of spoon. Sprinkle additional coconut to resemble fur.
Decorate the bunny with candy to create eyes, nose and whiskers. Use the construction paper to cut out the ears. Assemble the ears with scotch tape and stick into the cake. Add a large jelly bean or a marshmallow on the back of cake to make a tail! Decorate the platter with Easter eggs and jelly beans.  Make sure to name your Bunny Cake. Each one has its own personality!