Posted: June 06 2013 in News

There will be  two big items happening this week; the first being our SQUARES!

We’ll be making eight of them to choose from. I have studied these in detail and I have a few pointers for you…firstly, at all times… be sure to serve at room tempurature for full flavour and consistency. Secondly, never buy just one, in case someone sees you… and you have to share. Thirdly, they can be subdivided into smaller squares but it just takes you longer to eat them. Fourthly, never let them out of your site. I always stay close to the tray, just in case, someone else notices it. We will also be making mixed-square packages, something akin to a sampler pack.

The second feature will be APPLE PIES!

Like the Squares, this is an item that travels well if you are out-bound. The making of these is a big commotion in our bakery, given that everything is made from scratch. The result is well worth the effort that we make, judging by how many of these that we make. They are available with either a lattice top or streusel top… either backed fresh or unbaked from the freezer.

All of these items will be 25% off their original price, while quantities last!