Posted: July 11 2013 in News

Local raspberries are now available, and we’ll be baking with them this week, so here goes…

RASPBERRY MOUSSE CAKES: This is essentially our rich and dense chocolate cake which has been filled with raspberry mousse, and topped with chocolate ganache, chocolate shavings and fresh raspberries.

RASPBERRY LEMON LOAVES: This is our new lemon loaf with fresh raspberries baked in.

FRESH RASPBERRY PIES: We make this in 9 inch size, large enough for 6. They are as full of raspberries as we can make them without getting to much runover, and we sweeten them just enough that they have a slightly tart attitude.

RASPBERRY OATMEAL SANDWICHES: We use raspberry preserve as the “cement” to hold the two halves together, and that  preserve softens the cookie just enough to get this amazing texture, not to mention amazing flavour.

All these items, and perhaps some Raspberry Mousse Cups will be on sale this week at 25% off.