Posted: April 17 2013 in News

Amarena Cherry Custard Cakes

Amarena Cherries are, according to Jaana, “objects of my eternal love”. These are beautiful little black cherries unique to the Northern area of Italy, they are preserved in an Amarena syrup which gives them their luscious flavor. We use them alongside apples in these rich custard cakes.

Three sizes……. Mini $3.49,   Small $15.95 and Large $24.95


Cappuccino Jelly Roll

Our Beauty jelly roll filled with cappuccino mousse made with freshly brewed espresso, vanilla bean, cinnamon and cream. $15.95


Neopolitan Squares

This dessert originally came from the Naples area, where they are called “Millefoglie” meaning a thousand leaves…We use our own puff pastry of course, filling the layers with rich custard and whipped cream. This week we will flavor the custard with Limoncello (a smooth sweet liqueur that Italians like to offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner..) and finely diced fresh strawberries. Decadent! $3.49


Amaretto Mini Cheesecakes

Single serving cheesecakes made with Amaretto liqueur on a graham crumb crust, topped with almond flavored whipped cream and toasted almonds. $3.49