Posted: September 19 2013 in News


FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE: Delicious, rich, chocolately, brownie-like cake, made with only four ingredients: dark chocolate, eggs, sugar, and butter. Topped with a mixture of whipped cream and sour cream, and fresh berries.

FLOURLESS CUPCAKES: Just like our flourless chocolate cake but topped with dark chocolate  mousse.

WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE: Prefect pairing of white chocolate mousse layered with flourless chocolate cake.

TURTLE CHEESECAKE: Pecan and walnut crust filled with cream cheese mix, marshmallows, ganache, candied pecans and caramel. Ganache topping, with a turtle, of course.

MINI STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKES: Also with a pecan and walnut crust, and the filling is made with pureed strawberries, a bit of Grand Marnier, and orange zest. Glazed Strawberries on top.

CREME BRULEES: Instead of the ever popular vanilla, we are making two more “exotic” seasonal flavours this week:

PUMPKIN: pureed pumpkin, drop of Brandy, and all the pumpkin spices

       MAPLE RASPBERRY: Fresh rosemary steeped in whipping cream, flavoured with maple syrup. This has absolutely sublime flavour.

SMALL RASPBERRY TRUFFLE FLAN: We make the flan bottoms with butter, brown sugar and nuts, then fill it with a ganache of raspberry puree and franboise mix. It is very rich, just like a chunk of wonderful chocolate truffle. And a little goes a long way!

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