Posted: November 06 2013 in News


I am very excited about this week, because we are making several of my favorite things! We are baking with LEMONS!

It is a bad day at the bakery counter if these beauties are not available first thing in the morning! We make the muffin mix much like our lemon loaf and add a whole bunch of blueberries! I think the secret to our success with muffins is that we make all the mixes from scratch, and they are more like delicious little cakes than muffins.

We first started making these after my last trip to Italy, where I discovered “Limoncello” liqueur that was served morning, noon and night everywhere. Since then Limoncello has become a stable in our bakery. It marries especially well with custard and strawberries, which are the ingredients used in these squares alongside puffpastry and a bit of whipped cream. I could eat the whole bowl of the limoncello custard all by myself!

Lemon loaf is one of the first things we ever baked in our original store. It is still made the same way, we just make a lot more now. This dense lemony poundcake with a rich butter icing used to be my breakfast of choice in my younger days before I went to the produce terminal at 3am.

White cupcake brushed with limoncello suryp, lemon curd injected in the middle and a beautiful lemon buttercream on top. Decorated with our candied lemon peel and gold flakes.

The greatest love of my life (besides Cathy of course) and my all time favorite dessert! We start with our own pastry shells, and cases after cases of eggs to be separated and lemons to be juiced and zested. When I say; ‘How about lemon pies on special?’ there is a collective groan from the bakery department, because of all the work that goes in these pies (but I got my way this time). The shells have to be made and baked, eggs separated for the filling and the meringue, filling cooked, the meringue made and the whole thing baked, all the time hoping that the weather will be favorable (and not too humid) so that the pies won’t weep too much. Just so you know some “weeping” of the meringue is normal. So here you go folks; LEMON PIES! As many as we possibly can make!