Posted: March 25 2010 in News

This is what’s in the bakery for this Easter Week, as there is no ad next week.

LAYER CAKES, in chocolate and white, with an Easter decor.


CUPCAKES, in many guises.

CHEESECAKES, in Lemon, Coconut-Lime (which has a graham-coconut crust with swirled lime curd), Mixed Berry and White Chocolate Raspberry.

CRÈME BRÛLÉE’S will be Vanilla Bean and Lemon Strawberry.

MOUSSE CAKES will be our famous Black and White, as well as Mango-Raspberry, which has a white cake layer and a layer of each flavour of mousse and Lemon Mousse.

PIES will include Lemon Meringue (YES!), Keylime, the whole range of FRUIT PIES and Coconut Cream.

FLANS are Blueberry-Lime Curd.

JELLYROLLS will be Mixed Berry and Lemon Strawberry.

Our SCONE assortment will include Cheddar, Lemon, Mixed-Berry, and Wild Blueberry.

MUFFINS will be big, and we’ll have Lemon-Poppyseed, Mixed Berry Bran, Carrot (of course), Chocolate Raspberry, Sugarless Apricot, Apple Oatmeal Date, and Banana Chocolate.

Flourless Options: PAVLOVA with lemon curd and fresh fruit, CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE FLAN (with pecan crust).

We will have BRAIDED EASTER BREAD as well as our breads from the animal kingdom.


It’s hard to list all the details here, but if you give any of our Bakery folk a call, they can help you with pricing and sizes.