Posted: April 29 2013 in NewsThe Village Cooking Studio Events

Family and friends gathering around the table to enjoy a good meal is the essence of Italian life and that is exactly what we did at The Village Grocer. On April 24 2013, Chef Nancy Rossi showcased her Italian roots with a menu to delight your palate alla Italiano. Her simple, yet exciting dishes dazzled the palates of our guests teaching them some tricks in kitchen to make ethnic Italian recipes.

She started out with a Spaghetti with Shrimp and Capers. The large shrimps and simple sauce was a great way to start off our Italian journey.

She then served Vitello Tonato which is a veal roast topped with a light sauce. To go with the veal roast, Nancy showed us how to make delicious zucchini cups which were colourful and very cute! Great idea for entertaining and she says a great way to get her boys to eat their vegetables.

And last but not least, for dessert Nancy prepared Pannacotta in glass to show the elegance of the dessert, paired with The Village Grocer’s biscotti!

For more information, or to sign up for an upcoming class, give The Village Grocer a call at (905) 940-0655. Or call Linda or Karen at (905) 887-1127!