Posted: October 23 2013 in NewsThe Village Cooking Studio Events

This morning we had The Forgotten Language of Flowers seminar with Andrea Mathieson, creator of the Raven Essences! 

Andrea Mathieson is passionate about listening to Nature and helping people to remember their sacred connection with the earth. Trained as a classical musician, Andrea began the Raven Essence project in 1995. As a highly-tuned intuitive, she now works as a ‘mid-life mid-wife’ assisting women to tend their ‘soul gardens’. Author of the Raven Essence Manual — A Love Affair with Nature, and Gaia’s Invitation, Poems from the Sacred Earth her heritage home in Maple serves as a private retreat space for women.

We give beautiful bouquets to those we love because flowers mirror our soul, yet we rarely pause to listen to the quiet wisdom that the flowers can convey to us. If you love flowers, enjoy the healing potential of gardening, or simply appreciate the beauty of the natural world, then Andrea is the one for you.

If you missed this seminar, don’t worry. Andrea has a website available with tons of information for your to start your journey.