Posted: March 21 2013 in News

This week we are baking with a lot of chocolate, lemon and strawberries for Easter, all the cakes are adorned with Easter decor; bunnies and chicks made of fondant and cookies, and various Easter eggs and candy!

During the Easter season, we will only be taking orders of desserts that are listed on our Easter menu as follows!

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE – always a favorite for any festive occasion! Light white cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Topped with mounds of glazed and chocolate-dipped strawberries. $18.95 and $24.95
JELLY ROLLS -we are making three different types for Easter; Mixed Berry, Lemon Mousse with diced strawberries and Black Forest (chocolate sponge with cooked cherry filling and whipped cream $15.95
COCONUT CLOUD CAKE  -layers of Malibu Rum-soaked white cake, coconut custard, coconut-nut meringue and whipped cream, all enveloped in toasted coconut and topped with pieces of meringue$24.95
CHECKERBOARD CAKES– white and chocolate cake filled with ganache, and finished with your choice of pastel-colored vanilla icing and ganache checks $17.95 and  $26.95
CARROT CAKE    – Easter Bunny’s favorite; four layers of rich dense carrot cake with coconut, pineapple and pecans, iced with cream cheese frosting $15.95 and  $24.95
THREE TYPES OF CHOCOLATE CAKES:  CHOCOLATE GANACHE, CHOCOLATE FROSTED – for Easter we have made a basket-weave top for the cake, with some green grass, bunnies and Easter Eggs, and a new CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH FUDGE ICING – darker richer chocolate icing $15.95  and  $22.95
EASTER VANILLA CAKES  – Our white cake with various pastel-hued icings (pink, blue, green, yellow, purple) topped with a giant bunny and Easter egg $12.95  and  $19.95
MOUSSE CAKES –  Our selection includes the popular BLACK & WHITE, RASPBERRY, LEMON and STRAWBERRY  $22.95  and  $32.95
CHEESECAKES   – LEMON, BLUEBERRY, RASPBERRY, CHERRY, MANGO $15.95  and  $24.95,  BROWNIE CHEESECAKE – brownie bottom, vanilla cheesecake and more brownies on top $18.95 and 28.95, and STRAWBERRY-GRAND MARNIER CHEESECAKE on a flourless pecan crust $15.95 and  $24.95
CHOCOLATE FLOURLESS CAKE  – It really is like a delicious brownie! – without any flour, only eggs, sugar, butter and chocolate $15.95. We are also making some WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKES with the flourless chocolate cake.
LEMON CURD CAKES – white cake layered with lemon curd and lemon butter cream $15.95  and  $24.95
………….and there will be a wide array of individual items such as Pavlova’s with fresh fruit and lemon mousse, mini cheesecakes, various cupcakes, creme brulees, Easter   painted cookies, moussecups, tarts, and HOT CROSS BUNS….and Cliff’s Easter Animal Breads (that you have to order in advance)