Posted: March 14 2013 in News

In honor of St.Patrick’s Day and everything Irish we are baking with Bailey’s Irish Cream this week…

Bailey’s Cheesecakes: Generous amount of Bailey’s mixed with our cream cheese mixture with a bit of milk chocolate, topped with Bailey’s whipped cream and a Shamrock.

Bailey’s Poundcake: Rich buttery poundcake with Bailey’s, wrapped with green ribbons.

Bailey’s Creme Brulee: Yet another version of our wonderfully rich and creamy creme brulee.

St.Patrick’s Day Cake: Layers of white sponge brushed with Bailey’s syrup, ganache and an amazing Bailey’s buttercream.

Bailey’s Mille Feuille: Bailey’s flavored custard and whipped cream and a caramel drizzle between two layers of our puff pastry. 

Bailey’s Cupcakes: Bailey’s sponge cake topped with Bailey’s whipping cream and drizzled with caramel.

Bailey’s Biscotti: We use Bailey’s and milk chocolate in these biscotti, then bag them in cello bag and wrapped with green ribbon.

This week we are also making everything possible in green, including vanilla cakes with green icing and shamrocks, cupcakes full of green candy, green checkerboard cakes, lime curd tarts, sugar and gingerbread cookies and large individual shamrock meringues.