Posted: May 02 2014 in News

Last night we had our MEXICAN FIESTA!!!! We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mexican born chef Paula Zavala. Linda and Karen set the stage with colourful decor to take our guest down south! Starting with some delicious appetizers …a selection of “Mad Mexican” dips and salsas, our own chorizo sausage (which is featured at 25% off this week) and some cheeses with a hint of heat…and of course… the famous “Blooming Rose Nachos” Linda and Karen even served a Cinco de Mayo thirst-quenching cocktail that was said to be created by a bartender in the 1940’s, “The Salty Chihuahua”!

Paula had an authentic Mexican menu that consisted of…

Guacamole with cilantro-lime marinated shrimp, Chipotle Picadillo, Cilantro Rice with Crispy Plantain and for dessert a Mexican Corn Bread.

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