Posted: December 18 2013 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

Baked Bries – They are available in a variety of flavours, including Our Cranberry and Mrs.Ball’s Chutney.

Doreen’s Cranberry Sauce – Personally, I love this with a lot more then turkey; pork and chicken come to mind, or as easy as right out of the tub!

Grethe’s Cheese Apples – These are the ones that we have always had, but there are two new flavours; one with Caramelized Onion and the other with Cranberry.

Christmas Candles and Napkins – all doted on by Doreen’s other daughter (Carol), and just so you know, they are both amazing.

Doreen’s Fruitcake – The ultimate fruitcake, both dark and light, and just a little heads-up, the light is only light in colour. The flavour is rich and I find it difficult to have just one piece.

Tourtieres – These savoury pork pies are a Quebecois specialty that have long ago overflowed the bounds of Quebec. They are a Christmas must, and are available in the large 9” size, or individual.

Extra-Large Entrees – We’ll have a good supply of chicken pies, scalloped potatoes, turnip puffs, sweet potato puffs and a few types of lasagna.

Cheese – In all their savoury beauty, and probably the neatest selection of crackers to befriend them.

Dried Fruit Trays – with a twist! Not only have we picked the premium fruit, my little girl and I have arranged it all on plates that you’ll be able to use for years afterwards.

Flowers – What you’ll find are seasonal cut flower arrangements, centre pieces, candle centres, dried arrangements, and some really beautiful and imaginative presentations, and any of these can be ordered.

Smoked Salmon by Evan – and my even more favorite, Smoked Black Alaskan Cod. All available in chunks or whole sides, if you wish.

Sausage Rolls – All made here, the sausage too, and a very large variety of hors d’oeuvres from my friend Anne Kaukonen, from Appetizers and More!

Champagne Sauce – For our shrimps! This is an alternative marinade for our shrimp, and if you can judge from my hockey buddies, it is hugely popular. Available in containers at our self-serve deli counter.

Sensational Salmon – Speaking of our fish counter, we have a feature on some of Charlie’s salmon creations until the end of the year. All good!

Festive Baking –  Shortbread abounds, cranberry buttertarts, mince tarts, creme brulee in various festive flavours, macaroons to die for, all the squares for your parties, including our cherry squares in pink, gingerbread and sugar plum and cranberry scones and eggnog muffins, just to mention a few.

Premium Produce – We’ll have all fancy sizes and specialties, especially citrus.