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The easiest way to entertain during the holiday season is to invite your family and friends to a holiday brunch, just as Evan did.


A brunch can be simple, but serve marvelous culinary dishes that will impress your guests. That is where The Village Grocer can help! We have many different dishes (fresh and frozen) along with cuts of meats and decedent desserts that will dazzle young and old.


Starting off your brunch with an assortment of Christmas breads, along with a fruit salad is a great way to welcome your guests to your home. The Village Grocer has an assortment of Christmas breads such as Doreen’s fruitcake along with already prepared fruit salad that you can purchase from our deli department.


As for the main course, there are so many options that you can choose between:

  1. You can serve a large turkey (cooked, or uncooked), or a ham, or peameal bacon. You can also get a prime rib roast, or a turkey roast. Whatever you desire, we can prepare. For your convenience, you can place an order ahead of time from The Village Grocer. The Village Grocer also makes their own cranberry and maple sausages that come in a regular size, and a breakfast sausage size that would be a great addition to any holiday brunch spread, also found at our meat department.
  2. Next, we will need your side dishes. Stuffing (we now carry gluten free), scalloped potatoes, and an assortment of salads found in our deli department such as our vegetable medley or our broccoli and cauliflower mix. We also have our flavorful gravy, and sweet cranberry sauce already packaged and ready to serve. All of these items add color and flavor to your table! Add any other traditional dishes that you and your family look forward to each holiday season to make it unique and extraordinary.


Finish your meal off with a delicious dessert! For something with a holiday feel, we recommend the Yule Log that comes in five different flavors including chocolate, lemon, hazelnut, candy cane and red velvet. Or our ever-popular chocolate ganaché, chocolate frosted and vanilla cake with season décor to match.  We also have a wide selection of creamy chocolates from Aunt Sarah’s, and Rogers that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Are there children running around? Perhaps a gingerbread house will be a nice treat. Our bakery makes 3 different size gingerbread houses with handmade decorations that you can order to fill your table. Serve with coffee and tea and enjoy the afternoon!

To place an order from The Village Grocer, please call us at 905 940 0655.

Happy Holidays