Posted: October 27 2012 in NewsA Little Slice of Evan

Kids, take your best guess on the weight of our BIG Pumpkin. Admittedly, as not as overwhelming as years past, but it is BIG. A clue is that it’s more than 250lb but less than 400lb. If you guess the closest, you win it, we’ll deliver it and we’ll pick it up after Halloween if you wish. The runner-up gets a large pumpkin too!

The Rogers Advent Calendars have just arrived from B.C. this moment; they’ll be out on sale tomorrow, and they’ll be priced slightly less than last year at $11.95. All the kids in my family love these! Lastly, yesterday we got the last lot of Pumpkins, some are white, some are medium, some are individual size, so we’re ready when you are!

Lastly, …..Greg and Erin are busy making pumpkin flower arrangements that are extra-cute this week….I love them. Take a look at these wonderful colours!